Here are some photographs from my journeys to various destinations.

In my childhood, the annual voyage "to the sea" was the main event of the holiday time. One travelled with lots of luggage and parents who didn't have much holiday time nor money and sometimes didn't feel at all like starting an adventure called journey. They did it every year anyway, "for the boys", and each time were exceptionally proud afterwards of their own martyrdom.

My father, a passionate amateur photographer, made wonderful pictures of, it seemed, every so unimportant and boring thing. Those pictures still retain that nostalgic breath of the summer in their blue and green tones.

Now, I've been trying to save my impressions in images and show them to those who stayed at home. That's why this here.

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The background map by John Arrowsmith opened The London Atlas of Universal Geography, Exhibiting the Physical & Political Divisions of the Various Countries of the World which was published in 1844.

The boundaries of the continents were highlighted with colour. Hereby Australia was a part of Asia. Some hundred years earlier discovered Alaska belonged yet to the Russian Empire, and the south pole lay amid an Antarctic Ocean.

Map image © Cartography Associates